Boneless Buffalo Wings – Make Your Own Food For the Big Game

Boneless Buffalo wings. It is 20 degrees outside. What a great day to make some chicken wings. How about some boneless buffalo wings? Let’s make your own food for the big game even if Buffalo won’t be in it.

Regardless of past reports buffalo wings” do not come from buffalos. That’s right. Buffalos do not have wings. So we will be using chicken. You will find that Buffalo Wings taste the same as most chicken wings. The biggest difference is that they are easier to eat with out getting your hands covered in wing sauce. You can actually use a fork and a knife. Also the chicken used may not come from the wing of the chicken. It is however made just about the same way.

Anchor Bar Wing KitO.K. here is what you need to make boneless Buffalo wings. Start out with the chicken. Pick up 4 or 5 boneless chicken breasts. Also needed will be a sharp knife, a cutting board, cooking oil, sauce pan (the deeper the better) with a lid, flour, garlic salt, pepper, a gallon size zip lock bag, plates, paper towels, slotted spoons, a large plastic container with a top. Now here is a key ingredient. Good old “Anchor Bar Wing Sauce.”

You can purchase “Anchor Bar Wing Sauce” from at this link.

Now let’s put is all together:

1. First the standard recipe says to cut the chicken breasts into bit size chunks. I slice the chicken so in appearance it looks more like a fillet than a chunk.

2. Fill the deep sauce pan about 1/3 with oil. Put the sauce pan over a medium flame and covered with a lid.

3. Place 1 tbsp. of garlic salt and 1 tbsp. of pepper and four cups of flour into the gallon size plastic bag and shake well to mix the ingredients.

4. Place the chicken slices into the gallon size plastic bag that already contains the ingredients listed above. Shake the bag until the chicken pieces are well coated. Remove the chicken and repeat with the remaining chicken until all is coated.

5. Now place a few pieces of the chicken into the heated oil. Leave in the oil until the chicken turns a dark golden brown. Remove the chicken with your slotted spoon and place the hot chicken on a plate covered with a paper towel to soak up excess hot oil. Repeat this until all the chicken is prepared.

6. Now put the chicken into the large plastic container. Fill the container no more than ½. Now pour the “Anchor Bar wing sauce” over the top of the chicken. Place the lid on the plastic container and shake it up until the chicken is coated.

There it is. Don’t forget the blue cheese dip and all you have to do is serve and sit back and enjoy the complements and the game. I hope your team wins, maybe mine will next year. Go Bills.