Great Food in Buffalo

Buffalo food is worth a visit. When most people travel, they concentrate more on the city’s architectural designs and natural features of their destinations. However gauche it may seem some travel just to appreciate the native food, after all, some food is worth appreciation. For instance, people could travel to Buffalo just to enjoy tantalizing flavors only offered here. Before you even get to Buffalo, you will have seen or heard of the restaurant’s advertisements; like “the buffalo wings”. Well along with the Buffalo wings, here are other foods you must try when you visit Buffalo New York.

Three famous Buffalo food Items

Buffalo wingsBuffalo Wings
The much recognized Buffalo wings are un-breaded; served with a special sauce, made with cayenne pepper hot sauce and melted butter. Well, even the thought of them makes you salivate. You must visit a restaurant serving wings, the Buffalo style. However, to experience the magic of the wings, you need to go to the experts, the Anchor Bar wings will crown your experience and leave no words to describe the this culinary experience.


Beef on WeckBeef on the weck
Weck is the short form for kimmelweck; quite a famous Buffalo. It is a hard roll with a few sprinkles of caraway seeds and some kosher salt. What other way would you rather enjoy your beef than on this most adored roll? The Buffalo residents sure know how to take food to a higher level.



Sahlen HotdogsSahlen Hot Dogs
A great hot dog calls you from a distance. Look for an eatery that serves Sahlen Hot Dogs. There are plenty that do. They even have corner hot dog stands whit that serve the great taste of Sahlen. On entering a restaurant, the unmistakable smell of grilled dogs fills the air. Your order is prepared before you. Wait until you have the first bite, the taste is indescribable.

Once you are in Buffalo, you will never forget the foods that you experience

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